ENEN+ project European Nuclear Mobility grants available from 2018 – 2020

The main purposes of the ENEN+ project are the attraction of new talents to career in nuclear fields, their development beyond academic curricula and the increase of their retention in nuclear careers. Other purposes of this project are to involve the nuclear stakeholders within EU and be-yond and in long-term to sustain the revived interest for nuclear careers.

This project focuses on four nuclear disciplines, which are nuclear reactor engineering and safety, waste management and geological disposal, radiation protection and medical applications.

EFOMP is one of the partners participating in this project and the discipline of interest for medical physicists is theMedical Applications field.

Through this project mobility grants are provided for learners, who desire to improve their skills and knowledge. The groups of scientists eligible for applying are BSc and MSc students, PhD and Post Docs scientists and Professionals interested in changing their careers to Medical Physics, or building up their lifelong learning on medical applications.

Therefore we would like to encourage Medical Physicists who are interested, to apply for the mo-bility grants in theMedical applications category.

Please visit https://plus.enen.eu/ and https://enenplus.fluidreview.com/