MRLinac and basic course MRI in radiotherapy


From September 23rd  - 27th, the biannual basic MRI in radiotherapy course will be held at the UMC Utrecht. The course is set-up in modules for which you can register separately.

This course is intended for radiation oncologists, radiologists, residents, medical physicists, and radiation therapists who want to learn about the application of MRI, specifically for radiotherapy.

The course is divided in three parts:
MR-Linac (1 day)
Lectures on system design, physics, commissioning, QA, imaging and workflow.

MRI in Radiotherapy (2.5 day)
General lectures on the basics of MR physics and theory on commonly used MR techniques. Additionally, a wide range of clinical radiotherapy applications will be presented.

There are 2 optional, parallel delineation sessions: tumor delineations for radiation oncologists and organ at risk delineation for RTTs.

MRI protocol development (1.5 day)
This final part is specifically aimed towards hospitals working on Philips platforms. Theoretical background of Philips MR protocols will be alternated with practical hands-on sessions with the protocols on MR simulators and patient setup demonstrations.

The course will be given from September 23th – 27th, 2019.

The course language is English.

For more information and registration: MRLinac and MRI in Radiotherapy course